What Do Today’s Customers Expect from a Dynamic Office?

The Caleb Parker Show

Apr 17 2024 • 22 mins

In this episode of #WorkBold, your host Caleb Parker, talks to John Gravett, Managing Director at Cluttons LLP, discussing the evolving landscape of UK real estate. They cover a breadth of topics including the shift towards agile and dynamic office spaces, the challenges of repurposing existing buildings to meet modern standards, and the importance of sustainability in real estate.

The conversation delves into the critical role of connectivity for modern work environments, highlighting the need for better infrastructure to support seamless mobile and internet access within office buildings. They also explore the concept of Space-as-a-Service and how companies are adapting their workplace strategies to meet the changing expectations of employees. The discussion underscores the potential of investing in building infrastructure as a significant opportunity in the real estate industry.


  1. Shift Towards Flexibility and Agility in Real Estate: Companies are increasingly seeking smaller, more dynamic, and agile spaces to meet the evolving needs of their workforce. This includes a move away from traditional office setups towards environments that foster collaboration and innovation.

  2. Importance of Connectivity and Technology: There's a growing emphasis on the necessity of high-quality connectivity within office spaces. John highlighted that connectivity should be considered as foundational as the physical amenities in a building, impacting everything from operational efficiency to employee satisfaction.

  3. Sustainability and Repurposing of Spaces: The discussion underscored the urgency of investing in sustainability and the repurposing of existing buildings. There's a clear trend of companies preferring to occupy spaces that are not only environmentally friendly but also align with their corporate social responsibility goals.

  4. The Changing Nature of Office Demand: The conversation delved into how the demand for office space is becoming more nuanced, with a blend of traditional leases and Space-as-a-Service offerings. This reflects a broader industry trend towards providing more flexible, user-centric solutions.

  5. Barriers to Adoption and Industry Challenges: Despite the clear benefits, there are still significant barriers to the widespread adoption of these trends, including the costs of repurposing spaces and the traditional nature of the real estate industry. There's a need for more education and a shift in mindset to overcome these challenges.

John Gravett: LinkedIn | Website

John focuses on providing strategic advice to TMT portfolios and specialised advice in telecoms strategy, network roll-out and estate management. He is a highly skilled international real estate manager with extensive experience in the development and implementation of real estate solutions at both local and international level. He has a proven track record in the international property market with an applied knowledge of commercial practice and cultural awareness.

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