Can we innovate our way to opportunity in commercial real estate?

The Caleb Parker Show

Nov 1 2023 • 38 mins

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Summary: Award winning podcast host and Founder of Bold, Caleb Parker sits down with Thibault Weston Smith, the Managing Director of RealtyCorp. Thibault shares insights into his diverse and innovative career in real estate, spanning continents and innovations such as 3D-printed homes. He also delves into the exciting developments in PropTech, sustainability, and the growing demand for flexible, customer-centric real estate solutions. The conversation covers challenges and opportunities in real estate, emphasising the need to address decarbonization and create resilient, flexible assets. Thibault and Caleb explore how technology and PropTech are transforming the industry, and the significance of agility in real estate operations.


• Decarbonization Challenge: Addressing the decarbonization of real estate and reducing carbon emissions (both embodied and operational) is a critical challenge. The industry must adapt to new values and methods that prioritise sustainability.

• Resilient Asset Classes: Building resilient asset classes that can adapt to changing needs and expectations is vital in the evolving real estate landscape.

• Flexible Spaces: Flexibility and the consumerization of real estate are on the rise, making it necessary to embrace short-term cash flows, adapt to tenant growth or contraction, and provide spaces that cater to individual needs.

• Innovation through PropTech: The real estate industry is undergoing a transformation through innovative PropTech solutions, offering efficiencies and opportunities for increasing NOI (Net Operating Income) by up to 22%.

• PropTech Revolution: With a growing number of PropTech companies in Europe, the real estate sector is poised for significant technological advancements.

Mentions & Shoutouts:

McKinsey Study: Mentioned during the episode, the study discusses the potential for 15-22% efficiencies and increased NOI in commercial real estate through the power of technology.

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