Singing Through Grief with Matthew Brown

Can't Wait to Hear You

Feb 2 2024 • 25 mins

I’m honored to introduce you to my good friend Matthew Brown. Matthew is a speech-language pathologist, a keyboardist, and one of the warmest, kindest souls I’ve ever known. In this episode, he shares how learning to sing the Psalms supported him through a really hard time. Maybe not surprisingly, the singing was so helpful that this musical, spiritual practice has stayed with him, five years later.

For more resources on singing the Psalms, visit Russell Stutler’s Website: including audio examples and notated music:

Cat Psalms: Prayers My Cats Have Taught Me, by Herbert Brokering

Michèle Voillequé is a singer and a voice teacher living in Berkeley, California.

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Our music is thanks to Katya and Ada.

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