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East Dallas's one and only podcast! There's a lot happening here in East Dallas, so let's talk about it! Hosts Rich and Camille bring you timely conversations from our community. If it's in East Dallas, we talk about it: culture makers; activists and artists; restaurants and bars, businesses and community leaders, students and new comers; and those who love East Dallas! There are a lot of hidden secrets here! Gems you may not even know about! Our job is to highlight those places so everyone knows about them. If you live in East Dallas and want to support local, consider yourself lucky! You now have a show dedicated to this amazing place that's home to over 200,000 people. read less
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Exploring Lakewood's Vibrant Community: The Lakewood Home Tour Unveiled!
Nov 3 2023
Exploring Lakewood's Vibrant Community: The Lakewood Home Tour Unveiled!
Welcome to another exciting episode of "What In East Dallas Is Going On?!" Join your hosts, Camille, Rich, and Hayes, as they take you on a captivating journey through the heart of East Dallas and dive into the enchanting world of why the Lakewood Home Tour exists.Founded in 1952, the Lakewood Early Childhood PTA (LECPTA) is a remarkable non-profit organization deeply intertwined with the local, state, and national Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) network. This episode unveils the fascinating history and purpose of the LECPTA, which plays a crucial role in fostering community engagement and support.Discover the rich tapestry of East Dallas and Lakewood Elementary's school boundaries, stretching from Abrams in the west to Patrick Drive and Northwest Highway in the north, White Rock Lake to the east, and East Grand and Glasgow in the south. While many parents reside within the Lakewood Elementary school zone, this podcast highlights the inclusive nature of the LECPTA. It's open to anyone who shares the desire to enhance the East Dallas and Lakewood community, creating a brighter future for our children and families.Tune in to "What In East Dallas Is Going On?!" to explore the Lakewood Home Tour and how this incredible organization is making a difference in the lives of East Dallas residents.Find out more about them at https://www.lecpta.org Connect with us! Instagram - Facebook www.visiteastdallas.comPartner with us! connect@visiteastdallas.com