Episode 10 - Hannah Eden - CrossFit Class to the Cover of Women's Health

The Journey with Ryan Duey

Sep 29 2022 • 1 hr 8 mins

In this episode, Ryan speaks with, Hannan Eden,  one of the most recognized fitness professionals in the industry.  Hannah talks about moving to America from Britain as a teenager, her early inspired days as a CrossFit trainer, and how she built her brand out of a love of helping others attain their personal goals inside and outside the gym. Ryan & Hannah also dive into what it takes to start a business from the ground up, the hard knocks that can happen along the way, and the endless pursuit of what it takes to succeed. You won't want to miss the pearls of wisdom Hannah throws down in this incredibly transparent and personal conversation.

0:00 - Intro

1:46 - Who Hannah is to Ryan

3:41 - A perspective change when moving from the UK to the US

6:13 - Why Hannah's family moved from the UK to the US

8:00 - Hannah's relationship with her parents

10:34 - Hannah runs away

13:27 - College Life / Introduction to CrossFit

19:56 - Balancing Night Club Work & Starting a Business

24:00 - Building a following and recognizing the potential others were benefitting from.

29:34 - The right reasons to grind in business

30:46 - Lessons learned on how to let a team member go to make their ripple in the world

32:16 - Starting a new gym & building a brand from scratch with blood, sweat & tears

34:56 - Entering the Reebok One Competition

36:00 - A slice of humble pie leads to other opportunities

39:14 - The new gym and IG following start growing

43:33 - The early days of Selling and Promoting an online brand

49:56 - Beyond toxic fitness & running a successful gym

54:55 - Managing the noise of Social Media

55:48 - Hannah's Red Hair

1:10 - Honesty in the face of adversity

1:04:41 - Overcoming business problems and obstacles in life

Intro music by:
Artist: Nahko Bear
Song: Beautiful Trouble

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