Space Patrol

Entertainment Radio

The mission of Space Patrol was to bring law and order to the interplanetary frontier. Each episode centered around the Space Patrol crew commanded by Commander Buzz Corry, as the crew jumped around the universe in Terra V.

The show aired on ABC from 18 Sep 50 until 19 Mar 55. The cast included Ed Kemmer as Commander Corry, Lyn Osborn as Cadet Happy, Virginia Hewitt as Carol Karlyle, Ken Mayer as Major Robbie Robertson, Norman Jolley as Dr Malingro, Nina Bara as Tonga, and Bela Kovacs as Prince Baccarritti personnel and operations. The announcers were Dick Tufeld and Dick Wesson. The producer-directors was Larry Robertson and Mike Moser. The writer was Lou Huston.

So sit back and enjoy... High adventure in the wild vast reaches of space! Mission of daring in the name of interplanetary justice! Travel into the future with Buzz Corry, commander-in-chief of the Space Patrol!

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