Working Hard Or Getting By?

No Law Firm Left Behind

Aug 12 2020 • 1 min

💪🏼My son needed a motivation talk (aka a kick in the butt)
He was letting himself down which is far worse than letting me down

He was not performing as well as he could for his football team and I don’t mean on the field.

He’s showing up. He’s running his routes. He’s making great catches. He’s doing his sprints. He’s even improving in strength training. But all just during team practice times.

🤔When practice is over, he’s done. And then he doesn’t understand why he’s not starting over someone else.

To be elite in anything you do, you gotta put in the extra work. The minimum effort isn’t gonna make him (or you) the best.

Coaches, bosses and clients do not want “good”. They want the best‼️

You can’t give them the best if you’re not putting in the work to be the best.