104 | Democratic Socialism and the Future of America / Shahid Buttar

The Sovereign Society

Feb 7 2020 • 1 hr 11 mins

America is ready for a revolution and for our politicians to represent US. After a messy kickoff of the election process with the Iowa Caucus, we are witnessing the hunger for more transparency and for justice to the political process. With our future at stake, more people must wake up and take action if they want to experience real change. Young people are fired up more than ever before and with congressional candidates like Shahid Buttar for CA-12, we are witnessing authentic and courageous leadership speaking up on behalf of people, the working class, and humanity at large.

In this episode, Shahid and I talked about….

◆ The clusterf*ck of the Iowa Caucus and the hunger for transparency of the political process

◆ How Medicare for All + the Green New Deal can begin to revolutionize the future of the working class

◆ The power and influence of the NFL and other mega-corporations in terms of taxes

◆ What drove Shahid's interest to get involved in politics

◆ The war on drugs, consciousness and Plant Medicine

◆ The future generations of America and their influence in the political process

...plus so much more

Discover Shahid Buttar

Shahid embodies San Francisco’s values and has actively represented them in both San Francisco and Washington as a legal advocate, national non-profit leader, grassroots organizer, and movement musician. Through his work building movements for peace, immigrant rights, black lives, and the Occupy movement, Shahid dedicated his career to public service long before running for public office.

An early advocate for marriage equality for same-sex couples and a prolific organizer in the movement to end warrantless surveillance, Shahid most recently built a national grassroots network for the Electronic Frontier Foundation as the organization’s Director of Grassroots Advocacy. He has been building social movements and speaking truth to power for two decades and graduated from Stanford Law School in 2003.

In addition to LGBTQ rights, privacy, and the right to encryption, Shahid’s work has advanced immigrant rights, campaign finance reform, government transparency, international human rights, and police accountability. His writing has explored issues from the right-wing attack on reproductive freedom to the erosion of voting rights, and from effective counter-terrorism strategies to counter-cultural activism leveraging art & culture.

WEBSITE | www.shahidforchange.us

INSTAGRAM | http://www.instagram.com/shahidforchange

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