Unraveling the Positive and Negative Impacts of Generative AI

The Cybersecurity Readiness Podcast Series

Nov 22 2023 • 41 mins

In a very thought provoking discussion, Artificial Intelligence (AI) expert, Tony Hoang, Ph.D., traced the evolution of Gen AI, highlighted the many benefits, and also shared his concerns about the irresponsible and abusive use of this technology. What got my attention were the following realities:

  1. Innovators often prioritize speed over responsible AI development, leading to potential negative consequences.
  2. How easy it is to create a software-generated duplicate of someone's voice or video avatar without their consent, using online content such as images and videos.
  3. There are no current safeguards to prevent someone from exploiting AI-generated images of someone else, making it a challenge for parents to advise their children on how to protect themselves.

Time Stamps

00:02 -- Introduction

00:49 -- Dr. Tony Hoang's Professional Highlights

02:47 -- AI's evolution, data science, machine learning, and generative AI

10:05 -- Generative AI and cybersecurity

14:07 -- AI and cybersecurity threats in the enterprise

18:45 -- AI-generated explicit content and its impact on teenagers

22:48 --AI-generated content and its potential impact on society

30:05 -- AI-generated fake reviews and their impact on businesses

34:55 -- The potential dangers and benefits of generative AI

Memorable Tony Hoang Quotes/Statements

"Right now, there is a big emphasis on the on the client-side of obviously, privacy and security, on the development side, there isn't primarily because of the fact that everyone wants to rush to the top."

"So, what they're doing is they are taking all of the responsible AI committees, all of the privacy committees, and they basically just laid everyone off in the past six months. And that's kind of frightening to see, because what that means is when you fire your responsible AI committee, what that signals is they want to go fast, because these committees actually slow them down in order to accomplish their goal."

"The stuff that really worries me the most about Gen AI isn't phishing attacks, or any of that stuff; my biggest fear right now is the replication of human images, or video or voices."

"One of the ways that you could use Gen AI to take down a competitor, you would go on their website onto the product review, hit it with AI generated responses and just flood it with negative one star or two star reviews. So that's a way to destroy a company's reputation using Gen AI, and we're actually seeing that right now."

"There's no way for anybody to detect AI generated content right now in an automated fashion."

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