Mar 24 2022 • 1 min

Welcome everyone to the Stories of Healing podcast with T MAY.

The focus of the podcast is to share a story and dive into the healing process within that challenging time in life. The story can be about pain, struggle, anxiety, depression, a heart break, loss of employment, trauma or any specific challenge that brought a tough experience to overcome.

Stories of Healing is here to inspire, motivate, help others lift and rise up through their past or present struggles by listening in and connecting with the special guest who tunes in to sharing their story of healing and how they overcame their battle.

What was their healing process?

Being inspired through sharing stories and connecting with people who overcome adversity, has brought healing into my life through the past challenges I’ve faced with anxiety and depression. My mission with Stories of healing is to ignite inspiration by spreading healthy awareness to the world that as a human race, we can heal by connecting with our stories and learn from each other’s healing journeys.

Thank you for taking this time to support our guests from around the world, who come on the show to share their story of healing.

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