60 - Building a Business on Your Own Terms with Brooke Happe from b.e. happe designs

Local to Legend

Apr 12 2022 • 26 mins

In this week’s podcast episode, Emily chats with Brooke Happe, owner of b.e. happe designs, an evergreen apparel brand. Brooke joins to share more about her unconventional business and life path, running b.e. happe as she travels the country with her family in an RV, crocheting hats and producing products.

In 2015, Brooke stepped away from her role as a Doctor of Physical Therapy and opted to stay home with her two young boys and a daughter on the way. She started crocheting hats to keep her hands strong, intending to go back to work one day. But then more and more people started asking for the hats they saw Brooke wearing and b.e. happe was born.

In 2019, Brooke and her husband decided they wanted to enjoy this season of life with young children for as long as possible so they sold almost all of their belongings, bought an RV and have been traveling the country ever since. She’s continued to grow her business from a one-woman-show to a team of twelve, selling her products directly to her consumers and through wholesale.

Brooke joins to chat more about taking the leap and choosing a path that’s a little less traveled. She shares the experiences that led up to the change in her life and how she’s continued to stay happy on the road. Brooke explains why b.e. happe also offers a portion of their profits to children’s hospitals and child life services. Listen for a peek into her business and the reason why flexibility is such an important trait to have as an entrepreneur. Brooke hopes to dispel any misconceptions our listeners may have about believing you need to have all the tools, space and processes ready to go before you start. Just start!

If you’re someone who likes to venture off the predictable path and do things a little differently, tune in to this episode with Brooke!

Tune in for topics like:

  • Brooke’s leap into entrepreneurship
  • What it’s like to sell everything and live the RV lifestyle
  • How to tap into the resources you already have
  • External factors to be aware of in your business
  • How to live without regrets

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