66 - Shedding Expectations, Living in a Van, and Reclaiming Your Life with Ciara Ladroma

Local to Legend

May 31 2022 • 42 mins

In this week’s podcast episode, Emily chats with Ciara Landroma, an entrepreneur, coach and van-lifer who finally said yes to her dreams and shed the expectations of other people a year ago to set off on her own adventure traveling the country, working on the road, and supporting women with finding financial freedom. She joins Emily to chat more about letting go of goals that weren’t really hers to begin with, selling it all and living in a van, and her new found love for content creation.

A corporate, ladder-climbing professional got to the top and didn’t like anything she saw. So, she said goodbye to it all and drove away. Literally. Ciara Ladroma moves with a purpose to share how life can be absolutely delicious when you start to choose yourself. Ciara lives full-time in her campervan as she works and plays as a 100% digital nomad with her partner and their dog. Ciara creates wealth for Women, Queer Folx, BIPOC through budget & business coaching, as well as, a curator of multi-media content that inspires viewers to choose themselves and choose joy.

Tune in for topics like:

  • Shifting from a work-first mindset to finding joy
  • The collection of moments that led to a radical shift in Ciara’s life
  • Why a month long challenge turned into 3 years of sober living
  • Pivoting to focus on content creation
  • The question we should be asking ourselves regularly
  • Navigating others’ opinions of your decisions
  • The Daily Moment program

Links from the episode:

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