Meet The Local to Legend Podcast: Designed for Local Business Owners

Local to Legend

Nov 10 2020 • 3 mins

Today I'm introducing you to the Local to Legend Podcast. Local to Legend is the podcast for local business owners looking for resources and tools needed to create a scalable, profitable, simply irresistible brand.

I'm your host, Emily Steele, owner of Love Local, a brand dedicated to equipping local business owners to create meaningful success. From teaching local business owners how to crush it with local collaborations to working with ambassadors ready to share your brand near + far, the way to grow a local brand is far different than small business marketing, building an e-commerce brand, or anything taught to online coaches and educators.

This is what Local to Legend podcast is going to focus on. How do you become a legend where you live? How do you take your brand from local to being nationally recognized? We'll interview guests from all over the country, bring in the experts to answer specific questions you have about local business growth, and you'll hear from me on solo episodes where I'll dish the latest strategies working for our clients and course students.

Consider Local to Legend the place to go to become the legend everyone knows, loves, and refers people to.


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