Rule #2 - Start with the Future in Mind

The New Rules of Disruption

Nov 2 2021 • 23 mins

What we discuss in this episode:

  • Why your plan for the future is more important than the future of technology
  • The conflict between existing and future customers and how to approach it
  • Mala Sharma, GM of Adobe's Creative Cloud, recounts balancing the demands of a market shift with the needs of existing customers
  • Covid-19 compressed 5-7 years of culture/workflow change into 5-7 days
  • Political Movements can be very enlightening on how to inspire belief in others regardless of your politics
  • Leaders create change by their nature
  • An effective manifesto is what you observe to be wrong, how you think it could be made better, and what you're going to do about it!
  • I share my personal manifesto.

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