Execution Will Be Your USMLE Superpower

The USMLE Guys Podcast

Sep 3 2022 • 7 mins

We all know that in order to crush our USMLE exams, we need to get down to work...

But many of us look at the process of doing the work as some kind of cruel torture...

Which is why it's so hard for so many to actually get things done.

But in the 'work' is where the growth & results come from...

So let's try and reframe things a bit... You have your vision (ie. Your goals), and in order to get to them, you need a roadmap... Simple enough, right?

Think now about each step on your roadmap as a task that you simply have to execute in order to get one step closer... Now, instead of hard work you have to do, you're simply executing your plan.. If you can reframe your thought process, suddenly, things become a bit easier to tolerate.

Therefore... Execution is your superpower!

Remember to always keep your 'why' at the front of mind... It makes the daily grind and the will to execute much easier and tolerable.

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