The Brand Boss Show

Rachel Jenks

Hi! I'm Rachel, the Brand Boss. I'm an inspirational and instructional communicator, and my passion is empowering you to OWN your difference and ROCK your brand like a Boss. As a business owner myself, I’m especially passionate about empowering Businesses and Business Owners with simple, effective Marketing strategies and easy-to-implement solutions. With 22+ years in public communications, I bust myths and boxes, and put tools in your hands you can use right now...and see results. I’ve lived firsthand the power of having the courage to OWN your difference and show up authentically for the people you serve. You see, I believe that the purpose of Business is to solve problems and take care of real people...not mere β€œavatars.” I've also lived most of my life believing that I had to hustle and grind my way to earn any sliver of success. πŸ’‘ Until I discovered working from rest...and tapped into greater success and fulfillment than I'd ever known. If any of what you’ve just read resonates, then this is for you. This...is The Brand Boss Show. πŸŽ™οΈ 🎧 New episodes every Tuesday. Ready for you to listen on the go, during your workout, morning commute, or wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts.

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