The Magic of Childhood

Reagan fulton

We are a podcast dedicated to learning through play, learning with our kids and helping adults create more magic in their lives.

We believe that learning through play is a very important part of childhood. It allows children to discover who they are without being pressured by adults or peers.

We also believe that learning with our kids is one of the most important things we can do for them as parents. It helps us connect with them on an emotional level, which builds trust between us and our children. This trust will help them feel safe enough to share their innermost thoughts with us, which is something that can be incredibly healing for both parent and child alike!

Each episode I go on a fun, personal adventure to expose you to someone who has made magic in their parenting journey. Sometimes they'll share tips, tricks and strategies with other parents so that we can all find more joy, love and connection in our lives and in our children.

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