Ep. 19 Mastodons in Carlsbad

Nature All Around Me

May 25 2021 • 26 mins

We welcome Dr. Tom Deméré, the Director of the Department of Paleo Services and curator of Paleontology at the SD Natural History Museum, the NAT.

Dr. Deméré has worked as a professional paleontologist since 1974 and has been with the San Diego Natural History Museum since 1979. Since 1994, Tom has served as curator of paleontology and director of PaleoServices at the Museum. Dr. Deméré is the author of numerous scientific and popular articles dealing with the paleontological history of southern California and the evolutionary history of marine mammals.

As director of PaleoServices, Tom has conducted and overseen numerous paleontological resource projects ranging from initial resource assessments, through impact evaluation, to actual impact mitigation. The majority of his work has been with residential and commercial developments within San Diego County, which we will hear a little bit about today’s developments in Carlsbad and what has been found.

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