Becca Kannapell: Intuition + Soul-led Work

The Intuition Conversations

Jan 10 2022 • 59 mins

In this week's episode, I am in conversation with Becca Kannapell, Founder of Pound Jewelry. We talk about synchronicity, returning to trust and what can block intuition. The amazing Becca also shares with us how following her intuition led her to set up her family-run business and how she leans into her creative intuition when designing new lines and unique jewellery pieces. Becca also talks to us about how crystals and pendulums can be used to tap into your intuition. We also have a gorgeous appearance from Becca's Mum Glinda (Linda) towards the end as one of the magic creators within Pound Jewellery.

About Becca:
My name is Becca and I am one of the three creators of our family jewellery business. I am an occupational therapist, yoga teacher, mystic, crystal loving oracular healer and jewellery business owner. I channel the energy of POUND Jewelry and am her human voice.

In our family, it’s sacred truth that objects carry magic and meaning.
The things we’re drawn to are powerfully calling to us, and we’re drawn to the beauty and magnetism of stones and their transformative process: how crystals are formed from the earth’s core and then made into jewellery. How they’re born from heat and pressure just like us.

Just like POUND.

Forming our business has been as organic, magical, and arduous as pushing a crystal through the earth’s crust (we imagine). POUND has its own living breathing essence that requires tending, light, and air; it needs space and time to develop. Every day, it keeps our hearts expanding and pushes us to share the gifts within each of us. Throughout the process of revealing POUND to the world, we’ve uncovered pieces of ourselves we didn't see before. All three of us have dived deep into our shadows in order to come back up to the surface with newfound treasures. The rites of many initiations have not avoided us, and we’re a lot stronger and wiser for these intense periods of struggle.

Website: https://poundjewelry.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/POUNDjewelry

About Meghan:
Meghan Field is an intersectional social justice activist, Qoya Teacher, Intuitive Embodiment and Practical Magic Coach, Moon Mna/Irish Celtic lineage practitioner and Owner of Sacred Kernow Retreats.  Meghan lives in England, where she works as a Director of Advance Charity and offers 1:1 and group well-being and empowerment classes, workshops and retreats for women.
In her embodiment and empowerment work, Meghan supports women to remember who we are before the world told us who we should be. Through all of her work, Meghan reminds us to slow down, get clear on who we are, listen to our intuition, honour our unique voices and step into our power.
For more information and to work with Meghan:
Email: hello@meghanfield.com
Website: www.meghanfield.com
Instagram: @qoyawithmeghan
Twitter: @meghanfeminista
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