How Android could replace your driver's license

Android Bytes (powered by Esper)

May 23 2022 • 51 mins

Apple and Google are moving forward in supporting mobile driver's licenses. People are definitely asking questions about what goes into standardizing them and where some of the stumbling blocks might be in terms of privacy or liability. So, on this week's episode, we've got an expert to walk us through what's actually become a global standard that's already being put into practice across different agencies across America. Our guest is (David Kelts), director of product development at (GET Group NA), one of the major vendors in deploying MDL systems in the U.S. 01:06 - What's been going on with the development of MDLs? 10:35 - How does an MDL holder interact with someone trying to verify their identity? How are privacy or availability concerns addressed? 19:00 - What are some of the advantages that digital IDs have over physical IDs? 29:49 - What does the ubiquity of digital IDs look like? How do holders and governments interface with the system? 41:50 - How does the future look for MDLs and other digital IDs?