How Android updates have gotten easier (but are still hard)

Android Bytes (powered by Esper)

Jul 18 2022 • 32 mins

We close the circle on our OSOM double-header here on Android Bytes. In this episode, we chat with CEO Jason Keats and CPO Gary Anderson about how they'll update Android on their new phone, the Solana Saga, and dive deeper into the Solana part of the device. What's the Solana Mobile Stack, what are its benefits, and what can people do with it? 00:40 - Where do OEMs actually get Android and Linux from? What is a BSP? 03:10 - What is a Generic Kernel Image? 06:02 - What is Project Treble and Google Requirements Freeze? How do these initiatives affect Android updates? 10:10 - What are silicon vendors concerned about when it comes to updates? Is there a clash between their interests and an OEM's? 12:12 - How long will the Solana Saga be supported for? 13:44 - What is the Solana Mobile Stack? How will the SMS use the Saga's secure hardware? 22:08 - Should Google slow down the development of Android? 25:26 - Sharing some thoughts on Android 13 27:25 - What challenges did the Essential Phone's pogo pins present? Any other interesting stories? Android Bytes is hosted by Mishaal Rahman, Senior Technical Editor, and David Ruddock, Editor in Chief, of Esper. (Mishaal's Twitter) (David's Twitter) For more about Esper, visit us. (Esper Blog) (Official Esper site) (Book an Esper Demo) Our music is " (19)" by (HOME) and is licensed under (CC BY 3.0).