Building a more secure OS based on Android

Android Bytes (powered by Esper)

Mar 14 2022 • 37 mins

On this week's episode, we discuss how to overcome some of the challenges in building your own image of Android to use on any device, particularly where security is a concern. We're excited to be joined by one of the developers behind one such project that's made headlines recently, Gabriel of GrapheneOS. 01:02 - Are we talking about custom ROMs? 02:51 - What does GrapheneOS do that AOSP doesn't? 12:04 - Why can't I install a custom OS on my existing Android device? 19:15 - How can I get apps to work on my custom Android-based OS? 28:26 - Why are Android update guarantees still so lackluster? You can learn more about GrapheneOS at, and you can try it out on your Pixel device with their easy-to-use web installer. Android Bytes is hosted by Mishaal Rahman, Senior Technical Editor, and David Ruddock, Editor in Chief, of Esper. (Mishaal's Twitter) (David's Twitter) For more about Esper, visit us. (Esper Blog) (Official Esper site) (Book an Esper Demo) Our music is " (19)" by (HOME) and is licensed under (CC BY 3.0).