The Neurosurgeon's Journey

Medical Student Neurosurgery Training Center

The Neurosurgeon's Journey podcast is a collaboration between the Medical Student Neurosurgery Training Center (MSNTC) and the Young Neurosurgeons Committee (YNC). Michael Kortz and Jeremiah Johnson discuss all topics related to a career in Neurosurgery with a wide array of guests, to help students, residents, and attendings navigate the winding path. | tnjpodcast@neurosurgerytraining.org | neurosurgerytraining.org/tnj

Episode 19 - Professional Development Series: A Conversation with Dr. Oren GottfriedEpisode 18 - Professional Development Series: What Should I Do as an M1 or M2?Episode 17 - Professional Development Series: The Paths To and Through NeurosurgeryEpisode 16 - Innovators in Neurosurgery: Dr. John AdlerEpisode 15 - Residency Application Series: Post-Match Lessons LearnedEpisode 14 - Professional Development Series: A Conversation with Nader DahdalehEpisode 13 - Subspecialty Series: The Neurotrauma and Neurocritical Care PathwayEpisode 12 - Professional Development Series: The Military's Lessons for NeurosurgeryEpisode 11 - Professional Development Series: The MD/PhD Pathway and Research in NeurosurgeryEpisode 10 - Professional Development Series: Considerations for the Pre-MedEpisode 9 - Residency Application Series: What The Data Does (and Doesn't) Tell UsEpisode 8 - Subspecialty Series: Becoming a Spine SurgeonEpisode 7 - Residency Application Series: The Path for IMGs to US NeurosurgeryEpisode 6 - Subspecialty Series: Becoming a Vascular NeurosurgeonEpisode 5 - Residency Application Series: Applying Without a Home ProgramEpisode 4 - Professional Development Series: Social Media in NeurosurgeryEpisode 3 - Residency Application Series: Lessons Learned from Two Neurosurgery ApplicantsEpisode 2 - Residency Application Series: The Resident's Perspective on Sub-Internships and InterviewsEpisode 0 - An Introduction to The JourneyEpisode 1 - Residency Application Series: Neurosurgery Applications in a Pandemic