Realistic Expectations: Key to Successful Fatherhood

Fatha Torch: Be the Dad You Wish You Had

Jun 11 2023 • 40 mins

Ep. 21 Growing up without a father I found myself setting unrealistic expectations on other men in my life, trying to fill the void my father left. But there were always disappointments because those men simply could not give me the things my soul longed for. It wasn't until I learned to set realistic expectations for myself, my partner and my children that I could truly embrace my goal of being the dad I wish I had. In this episode I share with you my journey of self-discovery and how I learned to find joy in the journey of fatherhood by setting realistic expectations. In this episode, you will be able to: Grasp the power of establishing practical expectations in pursuit of accomplishments. Unravel the secrets to fortifying relationships through intentional family planning. Examine the aftermath of damaging expectations and abuse during the prenatal stage. Master techniques to overcome feelings of inadequacy as a devoted father. Unearth strategies to nurture self-esteem and embolden confidence in oneself and others.     SPONSORED BY CREATE A PIZZA: home of the FATHA TORCH Lunch Special Try the Vegan Meatball Pizza with Sexy Cheese and a Drink for only $5.99 766 Monroe Ave, Rochester, NY Order Ahead at   Connect with Fatha Torch:  Instagram: @FathaTorch Website:  ABIMILECHH FOUNDATION -Local Programs for Fathers Want to be a sponsor or guest on the podcast? Email me at    Loved this episode? Leave us a review and rating here:   Podchaser , Listen Notes Buy me a coffee or send a CashApp $RAHG76    Other episodes you'll enjoy: I Am FATHA: Fathers are the Highest Authority (It’s time we act like it) Stop Being Your Child’s Friend and Start Being Their Leader How to Embrace the Wisdom of Elders to Raise the Youth Learn more about your ad choices. Visit