Are You a Good Father? It All Comes Down to This

Fatha Torch: Be the Dad You Wish You Had

Feb 19 2023 • 31 mins

Ep. 13 I was once plagued by the question, "Am I a good father?" I asked myself if I was a good man and what it meant to be a good father. After much thought and research, I realized that being a good father means having principles and characteristics such as protecting, loving, reasoning and being patient. It also means being willing to learn and humble yourself, while also being teachable and understanding of your child's mother. Being a good father is more than just providing and setting boundaries - it's about being honest, understanding and recognizing your role in your child's life. I now strive to be the best father I can be and to leave a legacy of love, respect and understanding. In this episode, you will learn the following: 1. What are the characteristics of a good father? 2. How can men build relationships with women who have children from previous relationships? 3. What makes a bad father and how can bad fathers make amends? Resources: Buy me a coffee or send a CashApp $RAHG76  Want to be a sponsor or guest on the podcast? Email me at  Other episodes you'll enjoy: Overcoming the ”You Ain’t Shit” Narrative in Co-Parenting | FATHA TORCH Letter to My Youngest Son | FATHA TORCH Qualities of a Father with an Ungrateful Child | FATHA TORCH Connect with me:  Instagram: Website: Loved this episode? Leave us a review and rating here:   Podchaser Listen Notes Chapter Summaries: [00:00:00] Father Torch is a podcast to help new and renew fathers cope with anxiety and stress. My mission is to help you reclaim your power and ease your concerns about being a father in today's social climate. What do we do to define a good father? [00:00:43] Today's episode "Are you a good father?" What is the definition or characteristic of meaning of a good dad? To be a good man, you must have these principles. [00:04:40] Most of the women or most women that we are engaged with carry 100% of the past relationships. As manhood, man of the house, you must know how to set the laws and rules. A good man, a good father first is patient and always listening. And always willing to learn. [00:12:28] Bad fathers are the ones who do not want to learn or have not learned their lesson. Good father, bad father, you are still a father. You still have a chance and have the ability to be the best of the best father that you wish you had. [00:20:05] The biggest trend that I see now with fathers and fatherhood is that they got such a fight to to try to be in the children's life. Some of us fall for it. And we end up hurt, broke, it, destruct, bitter, angry. A good father, a bad father is still a father. [00:26:19] Fathers must get with other fathers. You never raise a child by yourself. It's always a village. But because we've fallen short on this, especially our black men, our brown men, we are falling short in the elders department. We can upgrade our fathering skills. [00:28:51] Let's make 23 the year of reconcile. The year of forgiveness. The year of just doing right. Check me out again next Sunday. www.Fathatorch. com    Learn more about your ad choices. Visit