The Father’s Role in a Child’s Development

Fatha Torch

Oct 2 2022 • 28 mins

Episode 3 I'm an advocate for fathers. I think it's important that we be more available to our children and make an effort to bond with them. Our role in their cognitive, social and emotional development is crucial, and we need to be more present in their lives. Unfortunately, many fathers are absent, either physically or emotionally. But when we are active in our child's life, they will turn out more well-rounded and stable.

"When you feel good, they feel good. When you're happy, they're extremely happy. And when you're sad, they feel guilty every day."

In this episode, you will learn: 1. The role of fathers in a child's cognitive, social, and emotional development. 2. The importance of fathers being emotionally available to their children. 3.  Why a mother's role is just as important as the father's role.   Other episodes you'll enjoy: Is Fatherhood Broken? A Father’s Confession Qualities of a Father with an Ungrateful Child Connect with me: Instagram: @FathaTorch Website: Loved this episode? Leave us a review, rating or a token of appreciation:

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