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Aimee Lee Ball (Host) & Steve Baum (Producer)

Listen in on fascinating mothers and daughters, exploring the relationship that is essential to every woman—in every family, every culture, sweet or sour. And see how food helps explain who we are and how we got here. Send comments to This is an Eat, Darling, Eat production ( read less
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Conversations From The Kitchen Table
May 8 2022
Conversations From The Kitchen Table
Conversations From The Kitchen TableThe storytelling website Eat, Darling, Eat presents conversations with some of Heritage Radio Network's (the world's pioneer food radio station) favorite hosts, this time talking personally about their own mother/daughter relationships and the ways that food helps to explore and define the family dynamics, history, and personalities. Whether Mom dedicated passion and energy to feeding her family, or made Sara Lee and Szechuan take-out her best friends, listen in on stories of families, cultures, and kitchens from South Africa to Japan to the United States. Host: Co-Founder Eat, Darling, EatAimee Lee Ball is an author and journalist writing about health, business, politics, food, travel, and the arts. She has contributed cooking columns to The New York Times Sunday Magazine and has appeared on TV's Food Network. Her books include No Time to Die, a New York Times Notable Book, and Changing the Rules, a Best Business Book. She has written for many national publications including New York Magazine, The New York Times, O the Oprah Magazine, National Geographic, and Harper’s Bazaar.Producer: Co-Founder Eat, Darling, EatSteve Baum is a New York-based filmmaker and cinematographer. His company produced Salvadorian Salvation, a documentary about protecting El Salvador’s children from gang violence. Dr. Vicky Guzman, founder and director of Asaprosar, an organization that helps the neediest families of that country, worked with her daughter Lucy Guzman and a team of social workers, psychologists, and educators, providing a refuge for children, including a balanced meal every day. Steve is the creator of Not For Kids Only (UnderwaterSuite), the award winning first DVD in a musical video series.