[3] Sobering Reflections from Quitting Booze (3+ Years Alcohol Free)

Sunday Ain't Scary

Oct 31 2021 • 17 mins

In August of 2018, I stopped drinking alcohol. Over 3 years later, I'm still committed to my decision. In this podcast, I talk about my original reasoning as well as how I quit.

I discuss the societal misconception about quitting alcohol that often labels you as an alcoholic, feeling deathly terrified to talk about the subject, and eventually the liberation from sharing my story. I’m constantly searching for self-actualization through this type of documentation. And, by sharing, I may also help someone else going through the same thing.

For anyone considering reducing their consumption, quitting, or sharing these ideas with a friend or family member, please check out the article I wrote in the links section below for an even more comprehensive take on this topic.

And, if you're really struggling with addiction or alcoholism, remember to contact a professional to help (American Addiction Center Hotline below).

Links Mentioned


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