[12] I'm in a F******g Rut. Here's How I'm Getting Out.

Sunday Ain't Scary

Jan 9 2022 • 10 mins

I’m in a fucking rut: I’m unable to walk, I'm the heaviest I've ever been, I'm forcing my business through a transformation, I'm unhappy... and in this episode, I'm going to tell you how I'm going to get out of this.

Like most *honest* humans, there have been countless times I've felt "stuck in the mud" with life. It's a sinking feeling. Like every time I try to move, I fall deeper, limiting my hope of a better situation.

This has happened in business, love, and health. At the current moment, the surgery I had on my ACL is the main culprit of this feeling. Being unable to be as active as I want to be is frustrating.

My Gameplan:

  1. Make aligned investments. These are financial commitments to things that are aligned with the change I'm seeking. Some of these investments have been a health coach, BYLR Big Ass Calendar Club, and the Oura Ring. A lot of them are around health.
  2. Make plans to look forward to. The sinking feeling of being immobile is only intolerable if there's no light at the end of the tunnel. As part of the Big Ass Calendar Club, one of the main activities is making plans! I'm excited to get back to traveling, doing things with friends, etc. Having these on the calendar helps my mindset.
  3. Commit to Physical Therapy. I've been going to PT 2x a week and these exercises are incredibly helpful in me getting back to normal. Getting out of my rut starts with this as a priority.
  4. Get my habits back in place. Because of the knee injury and subsequent surgery, I let go of many of my healthy habits. It's time to restart those and lock them in.
  5. Ask the question, “What must I believe is true to create my new reality?" I like this question because it forces me to reconsider what limiting beliefs I've bought into since this operation. I need a new frame of mind and finally...
  6. Hold myself capable. Instead of just being accountable, I want to hold myself capable. Meaning, I can actually believe that I can get out of this, and I'm capable of handling any obstacles that come my way.

Every time on my way out of a rut I’m reminded: One of the worst things we can do to ourselves when we're stuck is to focus on our stuck-ness — thereby giving it more energy and power over us.

It doesn’t make it any less hard, but I feel I’m fortunate I'm in a headspace now where I can focus on more than just survival mode because the unbearable pain has subsided.


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