42 - 2020 In Review

The Hoffi Coffi Cast

Dec 31 2020 • 2 hrs 24 mins

THCC say goodbye to 2020, one of the most awful years in living memory. So much has happened and we discuss what our 2020 was like. We talk the pandemic impacts on cinema, streaming as well as rating each our top tv shows and films of the year.

From the boredom of lockdown me and Rhys created The Hoffi Coffi Cast as a little side project. We did not yet realise how much fun we had doing this podcast and entertaining an audience. We hope that we helped many throughout the turbulence of 2020 through our various and numerous content. In addition we would like to offer a huge thanks to those who followed, liked and gave us a listen these past 6 months. Your engagement has helped us go further within the world of podcasting. We can't wait to see what 2021 brings us and you guys!!!

00:00 - Introduction

11:20 - Films and TV in 2020, Cinema and Streaming

1:01:20 - Our Top 5 Shows of 2020

1:22:50 - Our Top 10 Films of 2020

1:58:00 - 2021 movies

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