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Vinnie De Rosa AKA Cuzin Vinnie

Sep 24 2020 • 1 hr 5 mins

BETTER SAFE THAN SORRY Proper firearm storage - maybe it’s a little less exciting than purchasing a new firearm and not as much fun as a day at the range, but its importance cannot be overemphasized. In this podcast, I sat down with Hillary Dube, owner of HNR Gun Works which is located in Inverness, Florida and spoke about this critical element of responsible firearms ownership. Besides enjoying a terrific reputation within the retail firearms industry, HNR is also a major supplier of gun safes in our area. Here is a sampling of the issues we covered: -Do I really need a quality safe? Why? -What questions should I be asking myself before purchasing? -Are there specific storage design standards that should be met? -What tactical considerations must be considered? -What are my legal (criminal and civil) liabilities? -I have my safe, what else do I need? As usual, we also covered a wide range of related topics and had some fun along the way. This is an issue we all need to stop and focus on to ensure we are protecting our firearms, loved ones and ourselves in the best possible manner. Please feel free to respond with any comments or questions, Additionally, your ideas for future podcasts are welcome. WELCOME TO HNR GUNWORKSPreserving the Art and Craftsmanship of True Gunsmithing https://www.hnrgunworks.com/ (HNR Gunworks) Is Your Full-Service Custom Gunsmith Shop Offering Everything From Minor Repairs And Maintenance To Custom Gun Work, Including Machine Work, Lathe Work, And Refinishing. OPEN Tues - Fri, SATURDAYS And SUNDAYS! Tuesday To Saturday 10AM-6PM Sunday 10AM-4 PM