Coronavirus PSA's

Vinnie De Rosa AKA Cuzin Vinnie

Sep 30 2020 • 30 seconds

When we heard that radio stations across the country were airing coronavirus PSA's, we reached out to The NAB and asked if they would produce a PSA that podcasters could also air. Let's all help spread the word. ([read more]) Welcome to the Cuzin Vinnie Network, with three weekly shows that ask the question, did you know that, real estate education, real estate industry insights, food, fun, failure and maybe some future predictions with straight talk no BS.  I’m your host Vinnie De Rosa, Cuzin Vinnie your Cuzin in the Real Estate Podcast World, the podcast network that is the only real estate education-oriented podcast host where you can get your career off on the right track completely free. Thank you so much for joining me on the Cuzin Vinnie Network, remember to tell your friends that the show is available to listen to for free in any app that supports podcasts.  If you’re wondering what the best next step to take for your real estate future is, whether you’re a new or veteran. I’ll help you to diagnose the main issue holding your growth back and give you access to me for free. You can email me at Contact me, Cuzin Vinnie, your personal tour guide. I look forward to helping you find things to do, a place to live or maybe grow your business. My cell phone is always on 888.738.7381 Contact me even you just a simple question at 888.738.7381 or follow me on Facebook Cuzin Vinnie Network REMEMBER "YOU CAN GET EVERYTHING IN LIFE YOU WANT IF YOU WILL JUST HELP ENOUGH OTHER PEOPLE GET WHAT THEY WANT." ZIG ZIGLAR P.S. go to my website