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Jamboree Cultural Day
Jul 19 2023
Jamboree Cultural Day
Some brief thoughts on how to prepare your Group (or Contingent) for Cultural Day at whatever Jamboree you’re attending. Podcast Topics Cultural Day has become a staple of Jamborees, and it’s important to be prepared for it. As notes: "In the middle of Sunday, each unit puts on a demonstration illustrating the culture of their country, region, or locality. The camp is closed to visitors. This is your opportunity to cook, sing, dance, or offer an experience from your country that will make a memory for your guests. I remember watching Scouts getting henna tattoos at the India camp, eating amazing kimchi with the Koreans, sampling hákari with Icelanders (think twice about this!), and vegemite with the Australians. Have your unit throw a party that your guests will remember. Take turns staffing your unit party by wandering around the sub-camp." Ken and Colin discuss Ken’s own preparations for the Cultural Day taking place at Kander100, including food ideas, games, music, and various other representations of what Canada is like! Shout-Outs Firstly, a shout-out to the Mannofield Explorer Scouts; we wish you all the best with your musical fundraiser! We’d also like to give a shout-out to Andrew Obee and Liam Burns, the latter of whom we will have to arrange to bring on the podcast at some point! And finally, a big “thank you!” to Joe Vantour, Andrew Waddington, Robert Kelly, Andrew Rice, and Leah Marie for their interest in our new stickers. Leah, especially, was instrumental in finalizing the design of them! Subscribe Follow Us and Subscribe Support Hit the Tip Jar Send Feedback Email Us | Leave Us a Voice Message | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram| Locals | Discord | Mighty Networks | Leave Us a Reviewil Music Drive Acoustic Rock, by ArtMusic