14 Effective Time Management Tips for Creative Entrepreneurs - MMCB Podcast Episode 12

Minding My Creative Business Podcast

Jun 24 2024 • 57 mins


Ronald Lee Jr. and ShySpeaks discussed time management strategies for creative entrepreneurs, emphasizing the importance of prioritizing tasks, setting realistic goals, and maintaining a work-life balance. They provided practical tools and strategies, such as setting specific work hours, breaking down tasks into smaller chunks, and using project management tools. They also discussed the importance of setting achievable goals and breaking them down into manageable quarterly objectives, and highlighted various effective time management strategies for podcast success. Finally, they emphasized the importance of creating an annual output calendar and breaking it down into quarterly and monthly tasks to manage time effectively and achieve success in entrepreneurship.

Timeline Summary:

[1:19] - Introduction to the importance of time management for creative entrepreneurs

[2:07] - Key statistics on procrastination and time management

[2:59] - Common challenges faced by creative entrepreneurs

[4:55] - Framework for effective time management: Dreaming in years, setting goals in quarters, planning in months

[10:15] - Breaking down annual goals into quarterly and monthly tasks

[19:24] - Case study: Applying time management strategies to our podcast

[27:28] - Practical tips for managing your time daily and weekly

[35:13] - Setting specific work hours and time blocking your day

[45:40] - Limiting distractions and using project management tools

[50:42] - Importance of regular review and adjustment of goals

[53:28] - Delegating and automating tasks to increase efficiency

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  • Automatic Booking Bootcamp - Course for automating your booking processes, perfect for performers and speakers: https://abb.shyspeaks.com
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Closing Remarks:

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