Friction Vs Reward with CEO of Uncrowd & Author Richard Hammond

Retail Podcast

Jun 22 2020 • 1 hr 1 min

Richard has been in the retail industry for approximately 35 years, from stores to authoring the best-selling retail manual Smart Retail, which is currently in its 4th edition and is available in 22 languages. In 2018, Richard and his co-founder embarked on building the next generation of customer analytics through their start-up Uncrowd.uk and is also an advisor to NearSreet.

In this episode we cover the below and much more:

  • NPS Vs Analytics
  • New Normal or Not?
  • Cost Vs Choice Vs Effort
  • Personas Vs Mindstates
  • Choice Economy

And winning in retail!

Want to watch this episode on Youtube, well now you can: https://bit.ly/2NpzteI