Beyond Meat and Fanatics: Marketing as a Fundamental Driver of Business Results

MTM Visionaries

Sep 25 2023 • 32 mins

One of the most complex challenges marketing leaders face today is proving that marketing drives business success.  In this episode on Visionaries, Akerho Oghoghomeh, SVP and Global Head of Marketing at Beyond Meat, and Ken Turner, CMO at Fanatics Collectables, tackle this topic on behalf of the marketing community, breaking it down into five parts–the why, how, who, when and what. Why is it important to know how to drive business results? How do you measure success? Who should you be engaging as champions of marketing? When is it truly a marketer's time to shine?  And what is most important for marketers to focus on?


The Visionaries Podcast is recorded from MTM’s Live Visionaries show on Zoom and hosted by Lisa Hufford, Founder of Simplicity Consulting, a 24 Seven Company. It airs monthly.


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