EOS and Tinder CMOs Talk Shedding Stigmas around Hoo-has and Hook-ups

MTM Visionaries

Jul 20 2023 • 30 mins

In this episode on Visionaries with Melissa Hobley, the Global CMO at Tinder, and Soyoung Kang, the CMO at eos Products, all 30 minutes are packed with great insights, genuine laughs, real advice, and overall goodness! From “hoo-has” to hook-ups, nothing was off limits!

They share a fearless Challenger Mindset by shedding stigmas and embrace human truths revealed by their communities. Their secret?  Tapping into the fresh perspectives of young talent, leaning into the brass, brave, authentic insights, and just going for it!

Enjoy their episode or read the recap here: https://www.marketersthatmatter.com/eos-and-tinder-cmos-shredding-stigmas-embracing-human-truths/


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