Episode Replay - 28 Doors and Counting: How to Build Wealth from Rentals with Yamundow Camara

The Dreamers Podcast

Jan 23 2024 • 45 mins

When you're starting out in your investment journey or aiming to build wealth, many people consider real estate investing. Our Dreamer this week, Yamundow Camara didn't just make it a reality - she used creativity to build a real estate portfolio in record time without overleveraging debt.

Yamundow immigrated to the US in 2016 through a scholarship. Five years later she has acquired 28 real estate doors, taking advantage of the pandemic, when people were fearful of investing to build up her portfolio.

This episode will not only give you a front-row seat into how Yamundow has been able to do that, but it will also remind anyone that your starting point doesn’t have to define how far you can go.

When Yamundow first moved to the US, like most immigrants, she believed in: getting a stable job and buying a home. But, she realized it didn’t have to end there. She didn’t just buy one property - she bought 28 doors.

In this episode, Yamundow Camara discusses:

  • Creative ways she acquired 28 doors in 2 years without overleveraging debt
  • How to partner with banking institutions to support your real estate ambitions
  • How to find tenants who are more likely to stay in the house for a long time
  • Why you should consider Section Eight renters
  • Short-term rentals vs. travel rentals and why she does both
  • A costly real estate mistake she made and what she learned from it

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