From Negative Net Worth to 9 to 5 Millionaires in 7 Years with Lawrence Delva-Gonzalez

The Dreamers Podcast

Nov 14 2023 • 36 mins

The blueprint to becoming a 9 to 5 millionaire in less than 10 years. Lawrence Delva-Gonzalez “The Neighborhood Finance Guy” started his career earning $23k a year. Fast Forward a few years, Lawrence and his wife Doreen went from owing more than they owned to 9 to 5 millionaires in 7 years.

They accomplished that before turning 40 while earning approximately $120k on average a year. Today, Lawrence is on a mission to help other people do the same with his net max financial plan which you can find for free on his website.

Lawrence and Doreen are on their way to retire early as multi-millionaires, and their story is proof that with the right mindset and information, we can all live a wealthier life.

Join us as we delve into their inspirational story, unraveling the secrets to their financial success, and gaining valuable insights into their wealth-building strategies.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • How they went from a negative net worth to 9 to 5 millionaires in 7 years earning $120k a year combined on average.
  • How to invest more, legally save on taxes, and build wealth.
  • Building wealth while traveling the world.
  • Conditional Inheritance: Preparing the next generation for wealth
  • Risk management and Market “mastery”: From gambling to smart Investing
  • Living life on your own terms.
  • Value-based spending: Finding Joy in Unique Experiences
  • Lessons for first-generation millionaires
  • Net max plan: Knowing the net effect on your money

Dreamers' Wealth of Wisdom

  • “Become mindful of where your money is actually going.” - Lawrence Gonzalez
  • “Being joyful about the experience of where you are, no matter how much money you have.” - Lawrence Gonzalez
  • “The more good things you do with your money, the more it's going to create opportunities for you to do more with your money” - Lawrence Gonzalez
  • “If you're utilizing money in the way that it can be used, you could lower down your debt really fast.” - Lawrence Gonzalez
  • “If you invest your money — you're doing more than just sitting on it, that you might have a chance to actually beat inflation and also beat your own self.” - Lawrence Gonzalez
  • “Once you start separating yourself from everybody else's category, you start finding the things that matter to you.” - Lawrence Gonzalez
  • “There is value in being educated, not just for the sake of making money, but to think of being knowledgeable on a day-to-day basis of how you live.” - Lawrence Gonzalez
  • “I see wealth as a unique tool — an opportunity to create more wealth in other people.” - Lawrence Gonzalez
  • If you want a guaranteed way to build wealth over the long run, then stick with index funds.” - Anne-Lyse
  • Investing is very important, building your future is very important, but, sometimes I like to spend money, but I spend money on things that I don't regret spending money on.” - Anne-Lyse

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