Seven Tips to Earn More in 2024

The Dreamers Podcast

Dec 26 2023 • 37 mins

Are you determined to level up your money management skills and boost your earnings in 2024, but uncertain about where to kickstart your journey? Or perhaps you've already initiated the process but haven't witnessed the financial transformation you envisioned.

This special episode features invaluable tips and advice from entrepreneurs and successful financial dreamers who didn't start wealthy but, through dedication and strategic choices, ended up becoming millionaires or coming remarkably close.

Joining me in this episode are esteemed guests, including Cedric Nash, Attiyah Blair, Naseema McElroy, Ellie Diop, the twins Nicole and Nadia, and the couple Doctors, Renée, and Nii Darko, along with Patrice Washington. Each guest brings a wealth of experience, sharing their stories and insights to provide seven tips to help you make more money in 2024.

What we discussed in this episode:

  • Seven tips to earn money:
    - Tip#1: Choose your financial mentors
    - Tip#2: Understand that real estate investment is not getting rich quick, but it is getting rich for sure
    - Tip#3: Choose to have a positive financial circle influence
    - Tip#4: Set wealth aspiration levels to create a wealth destination
    - Tip#5: Spending for your business to make more money
    - Tip#6: Prioritize savings for rainy days and track your expenses
    - Tip#7: Have confidence and believe in yourself
  • Six levels of wealth
  • Be your accountability partner
  • Keep your expenses as low as possible
  • Do not create any more debt

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