The Pines Pavilion: How It Began by Marsha Stern Heartbeat Of The Dance Floor® # 011

The Heartbeat Of The Dance Floor Podcast by Marsha Stern

Sep 2 2022 • 15 mins

Please join me as I share behind the scene stories that led to the creation of the Pines Pavilion. Opening in May of 1980, it has been continuously operating ever since albeit under a variety of owners over the years. My story begins about a year before that opening night when the seeds were sown by me and my freinds, innocent fantasies during the summer of 1979 that resulted in a new venue at the harbor in the Spring, welcoming the Pines residents. Over the years there have been many changes to the building including a complete rebuild due to a fire in 2011. Through it all The (Pines) Pavilion remains a beloved part of the Fire Island Pines Harbor and community.