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Forward Exchanges

Aug 25 2022 • 41 mins

Trying to stay on top of the fast-emerging changes in global payments can be a challenging affair, but in just 30 minutes, “Forward Exchanges” from Nium can help.  Join Siobhan O'Neill-Schwenk as she speaks with the trailblazers and veteran players in the industry about their investigation into the driving forces that are modernizing money movement globally.  Whether you’re new to global payments, a digital transformation veteran, or just want to hear some great advice on what strategies create momentum in the global digital payments revolution, then this is the podcast for you.

On this episode, Siobhan is speaking with some very exciting guests, Joaquin Ayuso, Head of Nium Labs, and Geetha Panchapakesan, VP of Financial Partnerships at Circle. Together the trio untangle the knot between crypto and global payments, explain what DAOs have to do with it, identify the trouble with stablecoins, point out why fintech payments pros should be excited about regulation, and much more. Any views, ideas, or opinions expressed are the subjects’ own and not a reflection of Circle Internet Financial, LLC.

You can follow Joaquin on LinkedIn and you can learn more about the amazing work Geetha is doing on her LinkedIn pages.

For more information on Circle, check out their website or on Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Discord, or YouTube.

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