Love & Respect with Killer Mike


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Our Editor's Take

Love & Respect with Killer Mike is full of insightful and intriguing exchanges. The rapper and activist has a diverse lineup of guests. This includes musicians, politicians, and civic leaders. The program is the audio version of the popular PBS television series of the same name.

Killer Mike's full name is Mike Render. He has become a fundamental voice for Black communities in America. He's worked with iconic artists such as Jay-Z and has released five full-length albums. The Run the Jewels rapper has since proven himself to be a respected voice in both hip-hop and politics. Love & Respect with Killer Mike continues that work.

Killer Mike explores the social challenges across America in each episode. And each guest shows an equal passion for today's issues. Industry titans and celebrities come together to discuss hot topics.

Killer Mike is from Atlanta, Georgia, and he records the show in the city. So there was no better way to begin the series in 2021 than with a guest from his hometown, Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms. The mayor reflected on pivotal moments. One was the 2020 Black Lives Matter protests. During that tense time, Killer Mike spoke at one of her press conferences to calm tensions.

The show is full of compelling, thought-provoking, and poignant stories. Guests range from area musicians such as Big Boi and T.I. to the multimedia tycoon Tyler Perry. Killer Mike discusses work ethic, pandemic challenges, and social justice. The show also had a special appearance from civil rights leader Andrew Young. He joined Killer Mike to talk about past and present activism. They explored the work of Malcolm X and Dr. Martin Luther King. Love & Respect with Killer Mike is a captivating podcast, from the very first episode.

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