Jackie Stop Calling Me

The Will and Chill Podcast

Oct 2 2021 • 24 mins

Will goes to war with a sales department after they call him one-too-many times. He then explores the insanely messed up side of his brain, while deliberately running his first ad into the ground. He also selects one of his instagram followers for a sincere and special shoutout, a new tradition for each new episode. Follow the official instagram so we can build future episodes together: https://instagram.com/willandchillpod (https://instagram.com/willandchillpod) My favorite way to create and sell courses, it'll change your life when you realize how easy it is to create a course and make some money on the side. Or tell your boss to shove it and start your own biz-naz.  https://willandchill.com/teachable (https://willandchill.com/teachable) This AI helps you write ANYTHING. It's insanely cool. Papers, content, stories, messages. I use it when my brain is stuck or when I need to craft emails to people I hate. https://willandchill.com/rytr (https://willandchill.com/rytr) I LOVE YOU MY CRAZY FUCKS. I FEEL LIKE I'M STARTING TO REALLY FIND MY RHYTHM AND ENJOY THIS WHOLE PODCASTING THING, YOUR SUPPORT MEANS THE WORLD TO ME. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU -Will