The Will and Chill Podcast

Sep 8 2021 • 35 mins

Will leans into even more questionable decisions and sets his life on fire for your amusement. He talks about starting an OnlyFans and announces his cell phone number on the internet-"call in" and your conversation might be featured on a future episode. He also discusses the famous celebrity that he is definitely not related to. Follow the official instagram so we can build future episodes together: https://instagram.com/willandchillpod (https://instagram.com/willandchillpod) -I LOVE YOU GUYS SO FUCKING MUCH. I hope you liked hearing your name on this episode heheh. WE HAVE ADS NOW CUZ WE'RE LIKE AN OFFICIAL PODCAST APPARENTLY HAHAH WTF: My favorite way to create and sell courses, it'll change your life when you realize how easy it is to create a course and make some money on the side. Or tell your boss to shove it and start your own biz-naz. https://willandchill.com/teachable (https://willandchill.com/teachable) This AI helps you write ANYTHING. It's insanely cool. Papers, content, stories, messages. I use it when my brain is stuck or when I need to craft emails to people I hate. https://willandchill.com/rytr (https://willandchill.com/rytr)