Biohacking and Longevity with Dr Marcus Ranney Founder and CEO, Human Edge

Conversations on Wellbeing at Work

Jun 8 2023 • 33 mins

In a follow up to his presentation at our Singapore Summit Dr Ranney joins the podcast to explore further is application of biohacking both in his own life and through his work at Human Edge.

Our conversation begins with a simple definition of biohacking and how anyone can use this approach to increase their wellbeing.  For Dr Ranney the key is personalization - of assessing your own state of wellbeing and indentifying the strategies and activities that will yield the best results.  Armed with technology and coupled with measurement and mindset, increased wellbeing is within the reach of everyone.

We aslo explore the issue of longevity, its impact on the individual, society and employers and how we need to shift our thinking away from simple "lifespan" to "health span".

This episode contains lots of suggestions on how to improve your health, from hydration to sleep to gratitude.  You can find out more about Human Edge on their site at

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