Essentials of Wellbeing and Highlights of Our APAC Summits with CEO Lawrence Mitchell

Conversations on Wellbeing at Work

Oct 9 2023 • 34 mins

Get ready for a transformational journey into the realm of workplace wellbeing with Lawrence Mitchell, the CEO of Wellbeing at Work APAC and Founder of Finding Equilibrium.   Lawrence will share many of the wellbeing  insights he has developed over the years as well as share some of the highlights you can expect at the APAC Summits in November.

You will gain a new perspective on holistic wellbeing, that extends beyond mere physical health to encompass a myriad of factors like job design, environment, and technology. We'll also put the spotlight on Australia's current economic scenario and its influence on well-being investments.

Broaden your understanding of wellbeing as we traverse through the landscape of connection and balance. Lawrence, with his extensive expertise, will lead us through the strategic blueprint of creating positive and solution-oriented teams, the pillars of sustainable performance, and the importance of rest - a lesson he's gleaned from his experiences with elite athletes.

We'll also be challenging conventional notions around workplace wellbeing. Lawrence and I will take a hard look at psychological safety and burnout, examining the role of employers in designing jobs and allocating resources that support employee well-being. As the world grapples with the return-to-office debate, we'll be addressing this pressing concern. We'll be wrapping up our conversation with the importance of mental control and adopting a mindful approach towards what we feed our minds.

So, tune in for this enlightening discussion and walk away with actionable strategies to prioritize wellbeing in your life and workplace.

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