Financial Fear

It's Not Just Business Talks with Sonja

Oct 21 2021 • 25 mins

Sharon Duncan is the Founder of Infinite Assets, a financial consultancy. Sharon combines 30 years of financial expertise with her practice as a yoga instructor to help clients develop healthier relationships with money. At Infinite Assets, they examine the personal history and triggers that feed negative money habits. They work through an honest assessment of the client’s finances and then build a new plan founded on hope, purpose, and meaning.

Sharon offers multiple services, including one-on-one virtual coaching, group sessions, and seminars. She also writes a financial blog with advice on how to resolve your financial fears. Soon, Sharon will be offering online courses with step-by-step videos to guide you into financial freedom.

In this episode…

Figuring out finances can be a huge headache. But worrying about money is just for poor people, right? Wrong.

Financial expert Sharon Duncan has worked with thousands of clients with incredible wealth and people who are deeply in debt. She found one common theme among them all — financial fear. People worry about having enough money, where to put their money, or if it might be stolen, or if they could lose it — just to name a few issues. What can you do to ease the stress and anxiety surrounding your bank account?

In this episode of It’s Not Just Business Talks with Sonja, Sonja Anderson sits down with Sharon Duncan, Founder of Infinite Assets, to discuss how to conquer financial fear. Sharon talks about why money creates stress for many people, how to re-frame the way you see budgeting, and why goals are essential for progress. Tune in to find out how you can conquer your financial fears.