It's Not Just Business Talks with Sonja

Feb 4 2022 • 39 mins

Chris Dungworth is the Managing Partner at Ro Morrison & Associates, a speakers bureau designed exclusively for the financial services industry. Chris has over 20 years of experience in the Financial Services Industry. Before co-founding Ro Morrison & Associates, Chris held multiple leadership positions at Allianz Life, including Chief of Staff and Sr. Director of Sales.

In this episode…

You just attended a conference and walked away totally blown away. The speakers sparked inspiration inside of you that will carry through your work in the coming weeks. How did the organizers create an event of such magnitude?

There’s a lot more at hand than just the presentation. Before the event, organizers ramp up the excitement and anticipation. They’re preparing the audience for an amazing experience. And following the conference, you can expect they’ll continue to deliver valuable content to cement what you learned at the event. It sounds like a lot of work and planning. What if your team isn’t prepared to orchestrate such an event?

In this episode of It’s Not Just Business Talks with Sonja, Sonja Anderson sits down with Chris Dungworth, Managing Partner at Ro Morrison & Associates, to discuss how he is changing the conference experience one keynote speech at a time. Chris talks about the process of planning dynamic events, how to create event anticipation, and how to create impact in the months following an event.