Shopware Unplugged

As community podcast, Shopware Unplugged reveals the current topics of the Shopware platform and the community by sharing experiences, approaches and educating in a funny way.
#020 Cloud vs On-Premise? - Shopware hosting challenges with Sanne Bolkenstein Commercial Manager, Hypernode#019 Shopware Poland expansions plans with Kacper Gugała, Shopware Regional Sales Manager#018 Shopware internationalization strategy and future with Sander Magel, responsible for Global Market Development#017 - Shopware PWA experiences and best practices with Paolo Mioni founder & CTO at HCE.#016 - The future of integration with Caspar Hardholt, CEO & Founder at Alumio#015 - Argentinian tango with Shopware and Damian Culotta#014 - Ben Marks shifts orange to blue!#013 - Training Shopware developers in just 24 hour! Jisse Reitsma, founder of YIREO, will disclose his secret#012 - Big Winners and Losers - The Summary of 2020#011 - Experience of having 6 projects on Shopware 6, an interview with Martin Weinmayr CEO at Das Ist Web.#010 - Aston Martin™ merchandise collection with Shopware, an interview with Steven Baumgaertner CEO at Cyber-Wear#009 - „Hack me, hack me if you can”. We talk about Shopware potential and security with Riccardo Tempesta#008 - Rico Neitzel and Fabian Blechschmidt about Mage One and Shopware opportunities#007 - Shopware and the UK market, an interview with Justin Biddle, UK Strategy and Business Development at Shopware#006 - Shopware 6 PWA, an interview with Patrick Friday, CEO of Vue Storefront#005 -  An interview with Stefan Hamann, CEO Shopware, about the future of Shopware#004 - What should producers and B2B do with growing ecommerce trend?#003 - Chances for ecommerce business during times of crises#002 - To SW6 or not to SW6, that is the question...#001 - Shopware Partner Day 2020